The TL/DR version. For the complete article, see the link below.

  1. The neighborhood’s hopping…it’s near restaurants and has some infrastructure.
  2. … but the street itself is quiet. Busy streets or the house right next to your favorite pub might not sell like you think.
  3. The home’s systems are in good shape. Very important to keep up with plumbing, electric, roof, HVAC, etc. 
  4. The schools are great. Even if you don’t have children, from a resale perspective…great schools mean great return.
  5. The light is inspiring. When people feel welcome and safe, it matters!
  6. The floor plan is family-friendly. Appeal to families even though you may not have one and make sure there are enough bathrooms to avoid the morning scuffles.e
  7. The community is restrictive. HOA’s can be a hassle but when we are talking resale value, they keep all the neighbors in order which can help put profit in your pocket.